It’s Time to embrace the Hydrafacial

The Hydrafacial at SKIN.

Gone are those days when you had to experience a lot of pain and set aside a huge amount of time to get a facial. What if we tell you that facials can be highly enjoyable and can take a total of only 30 minutes? We know what you’re thinking, AMAZING, right? So ladies, let us introduce you to the era of Hydrafacial. Scroll down to learn more!


Unlike traditional facial techniques, the Hydrafacial provides hydra dermabrasion. In simpler words, it absorbs and gets rid of all the impurities present on your skin, but at the same time, it also nourishes your skin by emitting serums. Although this procedure is relatively new in India, it has fostered great popularity and trust in the rest of the world. So let’s now dive into what’s so great about hydrafacial.


A hydrafacial swears to get rid of all the sag, pigmentation, sun damage and discoloration on your skin, with each session tailored to your concerns and needs. Not only this, it also guarantees anti-aging and rejuvenates your skin inside out.


The three-step procedure is what’s making headlines. The first step is the removal of the dead skin to leave behind healthy and plump skin. This is followed by deep cleansing of all pores to ensure no harmful bacteria is left behind. The final step ensures your skin is left hydrated and nourished with important antioxidants and serums. This may even be followed by a LED therapy to ensure the skin does not experience redness.


This therapy is truly non-invasive and leaves behind nourished skin that lasts for about four weeks. Don’t you think it’s time to embrace the luxurious hydrafacial?


by Hanisha Kochhar for Femina


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