Skinceuticals CE Ferulic Vitamin C Serum

Shoppers Say This Lightweight Moisturizer ‘Removes Wrinkles in a Few Days'

70-year-olds also rave about their newly plump, lineless skin.

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Skinceuticals is legendary in the skincare world. Name-dropping the brand's CE Ferulic vitamin C serum is basically a rite of passage for celebrities with immaculate skin, among them Brooke Shields, Sienna Miller, Kristen Stewart and Hailey Baldwin — but as tempting as it is to devote all our attention to the miracle serum, the brand's other top-quality anti-aging products deserve their own spotlight. Specifically, one cream that harnesses the power of fat for good. 

The brand's Triple Lipid Restore 2:4:2 bills itself as an "anti-aging lipid replenishment treatment," with a name that draws on the formula's components: two percent pure ceramides, four percent natural cholesterol, and two percent fatty acids. The three categories are all lipids, which scientists explain "make up the building blocks of living cells" — and by supplementing them, the brand claims the cream supports the all-important skin barrier and improves aging skin's smoothness, pores, and radiance. 

The moisturizer has over 500 five-star reviews on Skinceuticals' website, where shoppers praise its outstanding ability to hydrate and remove wrinkles within a few days. After one use, a shopper says they noticed their face feeling much softer, and within the second week with it, they saw fewer wrinkles and firmer skin. While it's not specifically intended for the eye area, people rave about its effects there: They see crow's feet disappear within days, and even a sample of the cream is enough to sizably reduce lines, minimize pores, and fade scars all over.

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One person comments that "this stuff is unbelievable," and smokers say it's changed their life for the better. "When I first used this moisturizer, I could not believe the dramatic change I saw and felt," a 46-year-old smoker writes. "This moisturizer instantly restored my [skin's] suppleness, and within just a few days, the dry patches between my brow and around my nose disappeared." 

More shoppers commend the smooth "baby face" the moisturizer creates, their silky skin a testament to the formula's efficiency. The "miracle cream" makes their skin feel "brand new," drastically plumping up even 70-year-olds' wrinkles and hollow cheeks. And despite the cream's rich texture, it's lightweight and absorbs quickly (so none of the precious formula ends up on your pillow). 

A different shopper writes that it also diminished fine lines and deep wrinkles around their mouth, and another adds that their neck looked tighter and smoother within days, too. One last person writes that it "works like magic" — enough glowing reviews to justify the price tag and then some. Judging by the results Brooke Shields and Jessica Chastain see from the brand, it might be the smartest money you ever spend. is the licensed distributor of Skinceuticals products in Las Vegas. Call us at (702) 705-SKIN with any questions you may have about the products.